Tembusu Grand is approximately 7 minutes walk from the Paya Lebar Regional Centre

Photo: https://www.tembususgrand.sg | Land Parcel View Under Construction View For Tembusu Grand Condo

It is Singapore where market-traded property company City Developments Limited (CDL) was awarded a Jalan Tembusu GLS site with the highest value of $768 million, or 1300 square feet of property each plot’s proportion (PSF PPR).

Tembusu Grand is located about 600m away from the soon to be finished station MRT of Tanjong-Kong which is part of the Thomson East Coast Line, Tembusu Grand residents will benefit from the convenience of public transportation to the city’s central area should they are able to get access to the Thomson East Coast Line to start operating fully in 2023. Tembusu Grand is also connected with bus lines that offer great connectivity to the major zones of business and leisure like Paya Lebar Central and Singapore Sports Hub.

Eight bidders have made offers to leasehold site that is located within Jalan Tembusu, which is located just off Tanjong Katong Road. Jalan Tembusu GLS site is situated on a plot with an the average of 2.8 and the total area is 209,619 square foot. It is approximately 64 housing units. This is an average-sized development scheme. Tembusu Grand is located is situated in District 15.

If available for purchase by 2023 Tembusu Grand will likely be capable of competing against Dunman Grand, located on an site which is just 100m away from the Dakota MRT, as well as the Continuum Freehold Residential property located in Thiam Siew Avenue, approximately 7 minutes walk from the property close to the Paya Lebar MRT Interchange as well as the Paya Lebar Regional Centre.

EdgeProp believes the Tembusu Grand is likely to make gains of 2120 dollars per square feet when the cost of construction for the land, as well as financing costs for property professional fees and marketing costs are considered.

One advantage of living in the East Coast in Singapore is the easy access to all that coastal living offers. The location of the waterfront part of that East Coast means you get to enjoy the most stunning beaches and the beauty the world offers as well as getting the benefits of the clean, sought-after regions. There’s a range of homes and apartments to suit all budgets. A lot of people think that after a couple of years there it’s difficult to move away.

Tembusu Grand is located inside The Marine Parade Planning Area East Coast’s most sought after neighborhood, located near Tanjong Katong Road This is close to all amenities and only 1km away from the most renowned schools like Kong Hwa School, Haig Girl’s School and Tanjong Katong Primary School. Within two kilometers , you’ll find CHIJ (Katong) Primary School Geylang Methodist Primary School as well as Tao Nan School.

The trust developers put on the market for residential properties in Singapore is evident by the high demand for the latest property transactions on the City fringe, as per the Tricia Song, who is the director of the research department in CBRE Southeast Asia.

It’s not a secret that we’ve become incredibly dependent on the MRT we’ve made a deal to in order to satisfy our daily requirements. It is believed that it to become that the Thomson East Coast Line (TEL) stations, which run from Stevens all the way the Gardens by the Bay are scheduled to be operational on the 13th of November in 2022. This is in line with the announcement of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday (7 Oct. 2022).

In celebration of the station’s launch public access will be granted to travel in an unrestricted train on the 11th of November connecting the two stations. The distance is 13.2km. To help commuters get acquainted with the stations the station’s welcome ceremony will take place on November 11 and two days before the day stations are scheduled to are scheduled to open.

Tembusu Grand mrt stations taking commuters to connect TEL to the current MRT route, LTA said in a briefing to journalists. The homes of more than 180,000 people will be just a 10-minute walk from each of 22 TEL stations when they become operational.

Due to their launch, Outram Park and Marina Bay stations are set to be upgraded into three-line stations. Because of the connections made to Outram Park for the East West line, as well as being connected to that line to the North East line, as together as Stevens link directly with that line directly to Downtown Line, TEL is currently connected to each MRT Train that passes throughout Singapore.

LTA announced that the station’s opening will improve the endurance of line. Singapore MRT routes. Singapore MRT lines are able to alleviate tension on lines , such as ones on lines like the North South Line, where portions of it operate along the exact same route that is in the network of TEL.

before its formal launch, 9 TEL stations, which extend between Woodlands North to Caldecott, were launched in two stages from January 2020 until the month of August 2021. Following the official launch of stage 3, there are two stages left that will comprise 10 stations that will be spread across Founders Memorial to Sungei Bedok.


If you’re a fan of being out in the sun and soak up the sun, then you’ll enjoy living on area of Singapore’s East Coast due to the East Coast Park, which is among the most sought-after spots in Singapore. The famous East Coast Park is Singapore’s largest beach park. It’s definitely a fun event that everybody will enjoy, like running, cycling and barbecuing. You can also take a stroll along the beach.


Katong neighborhood is the place to go for a stroll. Parkway Parade, 112 Katong, Marine Parade Food Centre, Dunman Food Centre, and many other unique and fascinating restaurants, shops, and buildings with a rich history the Joo Chiat conservation house. Peranakan shops and eateries are located in the vicinity of those in the Joo Chiat enclave. Joo Chiat enclave, which isn’t found elsewhere in Singapore.

Malls like PLQ, KINEX, and SingPost Centre Katong are situated on the west side of the east shoreline. They are situated near the Paya Lebar Interchange, that is an integral component of the Regional Center and house an variety of commercial and F&B options for Tembusu Grande citizens.

In the hinterlands, you will find are home to Peranakan stores and restaurants in these regions. They aren’t as popular as other areas within Singapore. These areas are in the hinterlands. They are near the city and are popular with foreigners who want to enjoy the traditional Peranakan life or stay in one of these stunning shops.


Tanjong Katong Complex Tanjong Katong Complex closed for renovations from The second quarter in 2023. In an announcement in 2023, it was revealed in 2023 that Singapore Land Authority (SLA) announced it would close and extensively renovated . Plans are underway to increase the floor space.

SLA has announced while they were designing the massive work of renovation they have taken into consideration comments from residents and also suggestions to protect the design. The project is expected to last three years, and create a space that can be able to accommodate restaurants, in addition to space for gatherings of the community at the renowned Tanjong Katong Complex.

SLA explained that other benefits are the increased menu of beverages and food items that are available in the complex. There is also the possibility of creating additional spaces for social events The goal is to enhance the attraction of the region. The goal is to increase the vibrancy of the region and draw visitors to the region that is located from Kampong Ubi Community Centre up until the Kampong Ubi Community Centre. Kampong Ubi Community Center, to provide a unique space. It is expected to begin operating in the next few months. The brand new Tanjong Katong Complex is likely to increase the excitement in the region and increase its image as a distinctive destination for entertainment and culture for all.

3 additional malls that are shopping-friendly comprise Parkway Parade, Roxy Square and Katong Plaza Each of that is unique to itself that has been a major element of Singapore’s marketplace for years, throughout the years that Singapore has expanded. Parkway Parade. The recently updated I12 Katong is home to famous local eateries such as Malaysia Boleh and Signature KOI and also modernists like Scoop Whole Foods and Climb Asia.

Jurong Park has recreation areas with events for the entire neighborhood

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The Lakegarden Residences main contractor of the said property will have a total size of 2.1 square feet (sq Ft), which will be used as an Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It is a striking housing complex with 300 opulent residences.

Residents of LakeGarden Residences have access to medical services with contemporary conveniences while living in a safe and secure neighborhood. The distance to AcuMed Medical Clinic is about 500 meters. Residents of LakeGarden Residences can easily reach all facilities because the community is located near a reliable transit system.

The nearest road that is close to LakeGarden Residences property is Yuan Ching Road linking residents to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. Jurong Town Hall Road is an easy drive of the property. It’s also connected to major roads, including those along the Pan Island Expressway.

When you are staying in LakeGarden Residences guests will can visit a variety of dining establishments. The restaurants within the neighborhood serve local and international cuisines in a the perfect setting for dining outdoors.

 An 99-year leasehold property called The LakeGarden Residences was purchased through auction at $273.88 millions per sq ft, according to its ratios. One of the affiliates that make up Wing Tai Holdings is Winville Investment that was purchased at an amount that was 14.1% above the S$240 million reserve price.

Inside in the Jurong’s West Region, LakeGarden Residences is located in the most sought-after neighbourhood. The city is full of beautiful and affordable houses and shops and other amenities. For couples or families who want to enjoy the convenience of this is the ideal spot to be.

Nature lovers will be impressed by the lush greenery that surrounds their houses. Parks with activities for the whole members of the community are found in Jurong park and are linked with Taman Jurong Park, Jurong Lake Gardens, Chinese Gardens and Butterfly Park. There are numerous alternatives to take advantage of Snow City for ice skating and enjoying time with your family in the outdoors.

In Serangoon North View, there is a wonderful residential structure called Garden Residence. The building has five storeys and 613 magnificent apartments totaling 17,189.1 square meters. Due to its well-established connections to bus stops and The Central MRT Station, getting there is easy. Residents have access to a variety of facilities and areas that are available to anyone wishing to relax in nature.

Garden homes are well situated close to a variety of significant establishments, such as stores, hospitals, schools, retail locations, and leisure and entertainment centers.

The elegantly built homes feature contemporary fixtures and furnishings and are the work of reputable builders who provide luxurious homes for sale at competitive costs.

From this expressway, Yuan Ching Road is reachable in three minutes. Due to its proximity to Jurong Town Hall Road, estates around are accessible to LakeGarden Residences residents. Drivers are able to start driving in just a few minutes.

 The Ayer Rajah Expressway and Pan Island Expressway are two of three main roadways that are within ten minutes of this property.

LakeGarden residents who live nearby can access a number close MRT stations by public transportation. The property is just 4 minutes away from Lakeside Subway Station. It is located near the China MRT Station, Jurong East, Boon Lay, and Pioneer MRT Stations are all within close to the property.

There are many bus stops in the vicinity accessible via LakeGarden Residences. Residents can use their bus routes to get to any of the stops, including Blk 367.

LakeGarden Residences benefit from the benefits of being accessible by the well-maintained transport system in operation throughout The Jurong Region. Residents are able to move between estates that are located in the region and also the CBD and other regions within The Island. If you’re cycling, walking or driving then you’ll be able have a pleasant commute being in the apartment in LakeGarden Residences.

The neighborhood is child-friendly, and there are many kindergartens, high schools and elementary ones in the area. LakeGarden Residences are close to numerous schools, which will make sure that your children are delighted in their classes. Schools close to the neighborhood include Lakeside Primary School, Yuan Ching Secondary School, well as Jurong Secondary School.

The urban and natural worlds coexist in a unified environment at Copen Grand EC

SOURCE: https://www.thecopengrand.com

Copen Grand Singapore is a new development created by CDL as well as MCL Land located in District 24 located in the middle of the newly formed Tengah Town District. Copen Grand EC is situated within a 22.020 square meters site that covers a net floor area in the range of 61.659 acres. It is split into twelve blocks each having at least 14 floors. It will offer excellent transport connectivity. The design of the development will be rewarded with BCA Green Mark Platinum certification in addition to an energy efficiency rating that is extremely low. It will guarantee that residents live in the greenest and most sustainable future.

The most recent development of residential properties within Tengah is the brand new Copen Grand Executive Condominium. Copen Grand EC is expected to comprise the exclusive housing of 615 homes spread over two and an half acres. Taurus Properties (SG), the developer, and the developer has an affiliation with City Developments Limited and a joint venture partnership in conjunction with MCL Land. Tengah Garden Walk, EC situated close to three MRT stations and along the Pan Island Expressway, and the town centre that is soon to be car-free.

The natural environment have inspired the style for EC in Tengah Garden Walk. A unified environment blends the urban and natural worlds. This town represents an original blend of the city-state model and the urban forest metropolitan idea. It is a thriving community-driven green urban development based on the city. It’s intended to be more sustainable than other developments. It’s definitely worth the trip in the event you’re looking to buy an all-new home in Singapore! Copen Grand videos are available here for more information about the building process.

Copen Grand EC is an ingenuous and smart town located in Singapore that blends the natural environment, lush greenery as well as cutting-edge technology. Its location, less than three quarters of larger than Punggol and makes it the ideal working and living region in the Singapore’s Western region.

The construction site includes a land area of 22,020 square meters , and an area of flooring of 61,659 square meter. The development comprises 620 residential units that are spread over 12 blocks, with the maximum ceiling of fourteen stories. The development is located in Tengah’s Garden District, one of the five districts in the Tengah Estate. The development is home to three MRT stations, accessible by foot. It’s also within a city center that is planned to be car-free.

Copen Grand EC development of the township will feature various green features, such as low-rise buildings as well as smart condominiums. Design innovation, sustainability and smart technology are crucial for the growth. It will tackle the problem of air pollution as well as the lack of open space in Singapore. In addition, the development in the area will provide residents with an easy way to access the CBD and other locations.

Copen Grand EC is located close to the center of medical and sports activities in Singapore’s rapidly growing population. The brand new development is just two minutes away thanks its central position near the Tengah MRT station that is planned. It’s also connected to the whole town by public transportation, as well as other modern features. Copen Grand EC is an ideal choice for those looking for the perfect new residence in Singapore. The EC is spacious, and has the perfect location and facilities including a concert hall as well as the Chinese Language School, among other amenities.

The masterplan of the town, which is situated near Copen Grand EC will feature an extensive infrastructure as well as an active community hub. The town’s center is connected to 3 MRT stations which will be located on the Jurong Region Line and the town will offer many dining options as well as shopping. Copen Grand EC will also have a town center and a community hub as well as sports facility. In addition, it will feature the most modern HDB neighbourhood centres that are specially designed to meet the requirements of residents.

Tengah Forest Town will be built close to in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, as well as other greenery. The idea that forms the main focus for Copen Grand EC is derived from nature. The surrounding region of this development is filled with greenery. Many kinds of plants and insect pollinators will get attracted into the region. Diverse water bodies could aid in purifying the air.

Blossoms by the Park in One-North is a great new development for nearby residents

Fairfield Methodist Primary School | SOURCE: https://www.blossomsbythepark.sg

Blossoms By The Park preview construction in accordance with an agreement and signed by EL Development. It is located close to The Buona Vista Station of the MRT It is also located close in the One-North technological Biomedical Hub as well as the one-north-technological. The most current model of this Hub has been The One North Technology Hub. Blossoms by the Park condo consists of 405 housing units which are being built for residents of the vicinity.

One-North is located in a ideal location, and is in close proximity of two MRT stations, specifically The One North and Buona Vista (Interchange of the East-West and Circle Lines). Shopping malls let you offer your products to customers all over the world. Malls are the major source of the blooms that are found in The Park. They comprise three centres: Rochester Mall, The Star Vista and Holland Village. The convenience store houses pharmacies and banks, as well as stores and banks.

Gillman Barracks is just five minutes away. It’s located in a town which is bustling with activity. Gillman Barracks is home to many museums and art galleries that are open throughout the through the day. These buildings also offer bars, cafes, and restaurants.

If you’re thinking of building the dream house you’ve always wanted in the region or region that encompasses all aspect that is part within the Pasir Panjang region to aid in the growth of that region. Slim Barracks is an excellent alternative. Slim Barracks developments are located near the main regions of the region. They’re a group of specialists who are in close proximity to each other across the world.

The unique Blossoms by the Park work-live-play-learn environment allows the integration of developments that are focused on industry together with communities for residential, lifestyle opportunities and educational institutions to create a stimulating and inspiring environment for creative minds to work together and innovate.

Tenet is the most desirable site at Tampines Street 62 by the highest bidder

Source: https://www.tenetec.sg

Tenet EC is situated near Tampines North MRT is expected to be completed by 2029. It is located just two minutes of Tampines North MRT. Tenet is an ideal alternative for those traveling on Tampines North MRT. TPE. Tampines Expressway (TPE) due to its location close to it. Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and is located within its vicinity. Furthermore Tenet is located near to the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) will enhance the connectivity between different locations of Singapore.

Tenet for sale could be the next business to join forces with Tenet EC release date of 2022. The customers can anticipate the most recent models and appliances that are named in honor of Tenet’s E-Cell and is expected to be completed by 2026 year. The brand new Tenet EC at Tampines St 62 is located within the condo belt which begins with two condominiums in Tampines comprising The Trilliant and Citylife.

The famous developer constantly seeks out new methods to build well-planned and constructed homes that reflect residents’ lifestyles. 2013 was the one in the year that Qingjian Realty led the industry in terms of flexible designs. This was made possible by the introduction of the groundbreaking CoSpaceTM design idea. Qingjian Realty paved the way for a fresh promising future in Singapore with the introduction of The Visionaire The Visionaire The Visionaire is Singapore’s premier executive home with intelligent homes. The announcement was made in of 2016. JadeScape is a highly popular massive development that was unveiled in the year of 2018. It’s paving the way for the creation of an urban zone that is packed with residents. It set the bar even higher for 2020’s year. Forett was the biggest freehold property that emphasized the interplay of modern architecture with lush greenery.

Santarli Realty began in 1983 as general contractors. At present, Santarli is one of the most trusted companies within the Civil Engineering, DFMA & PPVC Solutions and construction industry in both the public and private sector.

Together with Tampines North station of the Cross Island Line to open in 2030, along with The planned ITH (Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) residents of Tenet EC will enjoy great connectivity. Tenet is a great location for families who want to find the perfect balance between family and work. The brand-new EC is located in district of 18 within Tampines Sreet.

Tenet EC is extremely sought-after by those looking to purchase the property because it is situated near Tampines North MRT Station. The brand new MRT station is situated in close proximity to several malls, including IKEA, Giant, COURTS Megastore, and Giant Food Centre. Giant Food Centre.

The brand-new executive condominium is only a few minutes of Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE) that is only 10 minutes away from Tenet. For schools within a short distance There’s Coral Secondary School, Hai Sing Catholic School, Elias Park Primay School, Tampines Meridian Junior College and Temasek Polytechnic.

Tampines North Boulevard Park

Enjoy the fresh air of the early mornings on 7.5 acres in Tampines north’s Green edges. Tampines North. It’s an incredible seamless connection between Sun Plaza Park to Sungei Api.

Find a location where your life – as with your family members can flourish. Whatever you’re looking to do to do for school or work There are plenty of places to study, offices hubs and stores for retail that are readily accessible.

Tampines North Station and the coming Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) which will provide unparalleled access and ease of use across the island. The requirements of businesses can be met by Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre along with the established Tampines Regional Centre. The future of your child’s is secured due to the schools within the vicinity which are accredited. These include Poi Ching primary school, Gongshang Elementary School, and Elias Elementary School.

Tampines North Hub

Akin to Tampines Town, Tampines North will be a safe as well-maintained community, which permits residents to live, study and work and enjoy themselves. Residents can have a wide range of amenities and activities at Tampines North Hub. Tampines North Hub, which is expected to operational in the next few months. Tampines North Hub is new place with arcades, and a mall that will be totally Green.

More Information about Developer
Qingjian Realty is the division that develops real estate within Qingjian Group Co. Qingjian Group Co. Gingjian Group was established by the Gingjian Group in 1952. Its primary business is the development of properties and the management of logistics, capital management as in addition to design and advice. It was one of the 15 companies that were located in China which were granted an all-inclusive housing agreement, which has the highest quality of accreditation. Qingjian was ranked at 227 in the “Top 500 Chinese enterprises”

Since 1983, from 2003, it has begun expanding internationally and signing contracts for projects all over the globe. As of now it operates in more than 30 countries, which includes Asia, Europe and the America.

Qingjian’s very first DBSS construction project is located within Singapore, Natura Loft (Bishan) is given the highest prize for the construction of “Singapore BCA Greenmark Awards”. Others include River Isles, Bellewoods, Nin Residence and many more.

Sky Eden homes are designed with appliances and fittings that are made by top makers in the world

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Sky Eden latest news with its mixed-use project located in central District 16 that is directly connected to the Bedok transport hub. The venture was created through the two companies Frasers Property that has decided to revamp and renovate in the Bedok Point mall along New Upper Changi Road in order to build a mixed-use development, which will include housing units.

Connectivity is an extensive public transportation system which will transport passengers to where you’d like to go. Additionally, all of the necessary amenities such as restaurants and schools as well as other services are easily accessible.

If you’re interested in exploring your options , the nearby Bedok Mall is only five minutes by foot. It is home to numerous places to shop and entertainment, including Bedok Sheng Siong Supermarket Bedok Shopping Complex and as and The Djitsun Mall Bedok.

The best education for your child can be easy when you live in this region. Ping Yi Secondary School, Fengshan Primary School, and Red Swastika School are some of the schools that are located in the area.

Top reasons to Make an investment into Sky Eden

The property is situated in a prestigious condominium estate enclosure. The property is located near the Bedok MRT station, as well the Interchange.

1 station one station Singapore 4th University, the SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design).

2 stations from Tampines Regional Centre & Jewel as well as 2 stations to Changi International Airport.

3 Access for The Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay, via major expressways such as Pan Island Expressway (PIE), East Coast Park East Coast Parkway (ECP) and Tampines Expressway (TPE).

4 Good tenant pool of technology and business parks as well as commercial hubs Singapore Expo, the Tampines Regional Centre as well as Changi International Business Park.

Take a look at your way through the Slide of Heaven in A City Resort Paradise

Sky Eden offers homes that are designed to reflect your personal taste and style. However, they’re also functional and efficient. Everyday and ordinary things can be enjoyable when your home is outfitted with appliances and fittings that are made by top makers in the world.

Nature dwells within your own body. Inside You.

Come join us in the excitement of a contemporary lifestyle. An art work that is inspired by urban life. Fun activities are calling you to join us.

Completely unwind

Find incredible facilities that pamper both your physical and mental health to its top of the line. Keep fit by swimming in the lap pool, which measures 50 meters and is equipped with a gym.

Rejuvenate Your Mind

In the relaxing massage area that will put you at ease, are able to connect with the natural world as well as to the spa deck that can be stimulating for the senses.

Offer Premium Fittings & Generous Spaces

Each aspect is taken into consideration and eases your life while you enjoy clean and safe environments. Enjoy the benefits of the most recent technology and features that will simplify living and help make life easier.

Sing Holdings Limited envisioned an unwavering modern living for North Gaia residents

Photo: https://www.north-gaia.com.sg

North Gaia by Sing Holdings is a brand new executive condominium located close to an intersection between the Yishun Avenue 8.8 along with Avenue 9. The property is only 10 minutes walk of Junction 9 which gives residents access to a café or restaurant, as well as a supermarket in addition to retail stores. The areas around it include Northpoint Mall, Canberra Plaza, Sembawang Shopping Centre and Sun Plaza Mall. The North Gaia progress of the project encompasses the site that is 21,518.8 square meters. It is expected to construct around 616 units.

The walk is a 15-minute walking distance to Yishun MRT. There four stations at Bishan Interchange that allow users to change trains along the Circle Line to access the North-East Line and Downtown Line. Downtown Line along with the North-East Line.

North Gaia EC is located only a few minutes from Junction 9 that gives residents access to restaurants within the food court and as well as the grocery store and the shopping. The project includes the site that is 21,518.8 square meters. It is expected to comprise 617 homes. It’s located about 1.2 kilometers from the city’s central area and is also where there is the Yishun North-South Line Station and Yishun Bus Terminal are located.

Yishun MRT runs trains that run south-north. They connect each Jurong East Interchange and Marina Bay. Schools are easily accessible including Yishun elementary school Chongfu School, as along with Ahmad Ibrahim Elementary School. North Gaia Executive Condo is located close to various places of business like Yishun Bizhub Woodlands Regional Centre and the Seletar Aerospace Hub and Yishun Industrial Park.

Take a tranquil dinner with your family and friends in the tranquil and peaceful area of the barbeque and dining pavilions. They are garden-themed. Relax in the pool and then sit back and enjoy food that will suit your tastes. There is also the option of exploring the lush urban landscapes that let you sit down to traditional meals at tables. Keep your mind and body energized by a refreshing dip in one of the numerous swimming pools. Take unwinding bath to relax of your mind and body.

The entire information you require to remain fit is before your eyes. Take a plunge in the 75m pool or work out within the Aqua Gym or utilize the 24-hour Gym with breathtaking images from swimming pool.

North Gaia EC is located near the border of Yishun town and is approximately 2km away from Yishun MRT station. It’s the most recent EC site in the region that is managed by the GLS beginning in 2014. It’s an update to The Criterion (completed 2018) and Signature at Yishun (completed 2017) There could not have enough requests.

It’s currently being constructed following Symphony Suites (completed in 2018) which sold for the average 1118 sq ft up to 2021, starting at that date of conclusion. Nine Residences is a part of the mixed-use scheme which includes residential and retail apartments located on the Yishun Avenue 9, completed in the year 2015. The property was acquired at a price of S$1,167/square ft in the period of 2021.

North Gaia EC have everything you need, from accessibility to schools, shopping malls, and communities, parks for the neighborhood, and other facilities. North Gaia EC is just 5 minutes from Junction 9, a neighbourhood mall with a Sheng Siong Supermarket. There’s a variety of restaurants, and shops for clothing and other items.

Enjoy exclusive amenities specifically created to enhance the mental and physical health of guests and ensure complete peace. Your loved guests can experience the joy of a relaxing holiday and experience the comforts of being at home.

This is observed in the highest-quality luxurious finishes, as well as the ceramic floor tiles utilized in the master bath and as well in the dining and living areas. They provide the perfect amount of class and elegance. Design is capable of meeting the needs of contemporary living by incorporating storage space in every room.

North Gaia EC provides two collections that are meticulously constructed, including two bedrooms and an enormous two-bedroom unit. Superior apartments as well as huge three-bedroom homes that are described as extravagant Penthouses.

The phrase that describes the homes in North Gaia EC is luxurious. When you step into the living areas you imagine an urban paradise that is devoted to contemporary living.

From the year 1964. Sing Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) is an property investment and construction company which has been listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange since 2007. The company has demonstrated its proficiency in the construction of a variety of properties like commercial landed homes , condos, industrial and commercial structures.

The earlier developments of the group include Robin Residences located at Robin Drive, Waterwoods in Punggol and The Laurels located at Cairnhill Road. For industrial and commercial developments, the Group has constructed BizTech Centre, which is located in Aljunied Road, EastGate building along East Coast Road and Ocean Towers in Shanghai that is a top office building that is Grade A quality in Shanghai China as well as member of the People’s Republic of China.

The Commodore at Canberra is close to a number of the most stunning parks that Singapore has to offer

Tender Results Parc Canberra EC at Canberra by Hoi Hup Sunway

The Commodore condo for sale, a 99-year leasehold New Launch Condo at Canberra Drive in District 27, is located. It is expected to be completed by 2026 and has a total area of 1 blocks. The development also includes 219 units. The Commodore is also close to these condos: The Watergardens At Canberra and Yishun Sapphire.

JBE (Canberra), Pte Ltd. The upcoming luxury residential development will feature 219 units, 1–5 Bedrooms Units and a Childcare Centre. It is expected that 6 blocks of 5-storey buildings with 1 level basement carpark will be constructed. Future residents will have easy access to other parts of the island via North-South Line, as it is only a 2 minute walk from the recently completed Canberra MRT Station. The development will be connected to key commercial hubs such as Woodlands Regional Centre or Yishun Northpoint City. It is well connected to major roads and expressways, including the Seletar Expressway as well as the North-South Corridor.

Showflat Location & Opening hours @ Parc Canberra EC at Canberra by Hoi Hup Sunway

The Commodore Condo is just minutes’ walk from 2 MRT stations (Canberra MRT and Sembawang MRT). 12 Hectare from Bukit Canberra Integrated hub & 3-storey Canberra Plaza. With enhanced accessibility via the North-South Expressway (2026).


  • Only minutes from the new Canberra MRT Station.
  • Bukit Canberra is a short distance away
  • The property can be connected to Sembawang Road and Seletar Expressway.
  • You will find many amenities around the area such as Sembawang Primary School, Sembawang shopping centre, and many more.
  • It is anticipated that the new Sembawang sports and community hub will offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • The Commodore at Canberra is near some of Singapore’s most beautiful parks, such as Yishun Neighbourhood Park and Canberra Park.
Sembawang Shopping Centre Near Parc Canberra EC at Canberra by Hoi Hup Sunway

JBE Holdings Group, a Singapore-based private property company, was established in 2004. They have delivered a wide range of executive condominiums, private and landed housing developments in Singapore’s realty market over the past 15 years.

The Group is constantly evolving and committed to improving the quality of life for homeowners through sustainable home designs and preservation of Singapore’s rich heritage.

JBE Holdings is a familiar name in the Singapore real estate market. They have built several high quality residential, including The Luxe in District 9, The Oasis of The North, Signature at Yishun, and The Luxe in prime District 9.

The Commodore will launch in Canberra Drive, the next exciting new launch.

Give your room a fresh and lively look

Source: https://www.one-bernam.com.sg | URA Land Tender Price for Land Plot at One Bernam Condo at Bernam Street Tanjong Pagar By MCC Land

Has your house’s style become exhausted or dull? Do not be reluctant to change up things to reflect the fashions you like. Make sure you read this advice before you begin your job so as to avert a few of the most common design errors.

One Bernam price of $440.9 million, the breakeven price for One Bernam is estimated to be approximately $2,100 psf and a selling price of about $2,430 psf taking into consideration a 15% profit margin.

Whenever you’re decorating your kids’ room, attempt to check at things from your own perspective. Decor in their area ought to be functional and age-appropriate. This can allow you to decide how to take advantage of the area in their area.

Begin with a new coat of paint. Paint is affordable and can make a huge change to a space in only a couple hours. Proceed to your neighborhood home store and receive swatches. After that, come home and envision what every swatch would seem like, and the way that it would combine with the furniture along with other rooms in your house. Pick one and determine how different your area seems!

A fantastic interior design suggestion is to understand the art of subtlety. Some people today prefer flashy styles and that is perfectly fine.

In case you’ve got little windows and would love to make them seem larger, hang drapery close to the surface of the ceiling to elongate your own windows. By hanging the sticks close to the ceiling and using the curtains hang to the ground; it provides the window the consequence it is really larger than what it is.

In case you’ve got a backsplash in the kitchen which you truly despise, consider painting it. Painting a backsplash isn’t a challenging undertaking, and it could completely alter the appearance of your kitchen. It’s likewise a less-expensive choice than replacing and removing the present backsplash. You may even use a grout pencil to paint in fresh grout lines whenever you’re finished.

Maybe you have heard the old expression of taking off a single piece of jewelry until you depart your property? The identical rule applies to interior layout. As soon as you finish decorating a space, give it a fantastic look and devote time editing down your own design. Even in the event that you like every cushion, plant, or graphic from your house, you do not need a space to appear cluttered.

Incorporate art into chambers in your property, if they are paintings, posters or pictures. This will go along with the subject of the home which you pick and will help improve the general look. If you’re a young homeowner, then you are able to frame classical art to increase the elegance of your property.

Consider hanging your image frames in an eye-level, rather than high up onto a wall. Art hung too high provides the illusion of reduced ceilings. Maintaining frames in a lower level makes them visible, and prevents people from having to appear so as to view your beautiful artwork.

If you’d like a fresh look to your house, don’t believe you need to spend a lot of money. Simple adjustments to drapery or merely rearranging the furniture can occasionally offer the brand new look that you want. Shifting light fixtures may give a room a fresh look without breaking too much.

Area rugs add a whole lot to a space. It’s vital, however, that the carpet matches in the area correctly. For big rooms, it is critical that the carpet not seem too little and so out of place. Conversely, a smaller area ought to be supplied with a rug, since it isn’t needed to get a room rug to encircle the whole room.

If you’re wanting to update a place of your house, begin with the kitchen. This is the region where you will devote a great deal of time with your family since you’re able to replace older pots, pans and table configurations with modern ones. This may enhance the expression of a frequently utilized area.

When designing the inside of any area in the house, be certain everything fits. It’s quite tacky!

Whenever you are overhauling the decoration in a space, take some opportunity to replace normal on-off lighting switches with dimmer switches. Dimmer switches will permit you to give a room many different distinct looks without changing something about it.

When designing a space, look at the ground as way to produce a reflective surface which helps to provide a space more of their organic lighting. Shiny hardwood flooring and tile are a couple reflective flooring illustrations. These floors options take advantage of available light, whereas darkened, horizontal flooring will absorb light.

Now that you have arrived at the conclusion of this guide, you’re built to tackle the inside layout hurdles which are before you.

One North Eden is a Prestigious Home at One-North Residential with Commercial site

Panaromic Surround View Over One-North Eden Condo at One-North Gateway By Hong Leong and Mitsui Fudosan

One North Eden is a residential-with-commercial website that has a region of 5,778.7 sqm having a maximum gross floor area (GFA) of 14,447 sqm and quotes plot can yield approximately 165 housing units.

One North Eden is a 99-year leasehold residential condo situated between the universities nearer to Buona Vista East-West MRT Station as well as the job offices enclosing the One-North Circle Line Station. Providing an perfect place for adults that are working at the One North vicinity and pupils analyzing the in the significant universities of Singapore.

One-North Eden condo for sale 1 – 4 bedroom types available with luxury fittings and fixtures for your private use with superior interior design. These units are available in assorted sizes, providing the ideal match for you and your loved ones.

One-North Fusionopolis 2 Near One-North Eden Condo at One-North Gateway By Hong Leong and Mitsui Fudosan

About the Developer

TID Pte Ltd (previously Called Trade and Industrial Development Pte Ltd) is a home developer carving a market in Singapore’s marketplace. Bifurcating to residential and industrial properties, TID Pte Ltd weaves a exceptional mixture of Singapore – Japanese abilities and management fashions into distinguished resources in real estate developments.

Incorporating the basic strength of mission and vision with an impeccable lineup of corporate background, TID Pte Ltd is a joint-venture involving Hong Leong Group and Mitsui Fudosan. This is the powerful partnership that ensured Singapore’s home-grown MNC, Hong Leong Group and among Japan’s leading property companies, Mitsui Fudosan, executing excellent master strategies with remarkable advancements because the end-results.

Set to alter the growth sector as a whole, this famous venture stipulates advanced plans and superior living towards higher pubs.

By recognising the requirement for architectural fineness and supplying solutions that are solid, we kept a strong presence within the specialty. TID Pte Ltd tries to establish remarkable aims of creativity and quality whilst preserving fortitude of entrepreneurship and innovation.